Planning Conditions

The conditions detailed were not written to be standard conditions as there are few standard situations where they could be directly cut and pasted. They are a starting point, to be altered and changed to fit specific circumstances as seen fit.

Where boroughs no longer have Tree officers in planning or with a planning function then these conditions may be used as a starting point for the standard conditions.

Where numerous options are offered they are to be deleted as required.

The reasons will need to be adjusted to suit the Borough policies.

The conditions are put online as we see them as a live resource. They are intended to be recommended, used and amended. We welcome discussion over their content and effectiveness. Please use and provide feedback via the LTOA forum or email. 

We are particularly interested where these or variations are successfully used or recommended by planning inspectors.

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Validation Checklist

It is hoped to enable a more uniform approach to TPO applications and help the prompt delivery of the correct information submitted, ultimately reduce invalidation correspondence and allow the tree officer to make an informed decision. The checklist is proposed to be used as a template and adapted to the individual Boroughs requirements.

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