What the LTOA has been working on over the last year

  • Working with the Trees and Design Action group (TDAG)
  • Member of the European Forum on Urban Forestry
  • Co-ordinating a forum for all the tree officer groups across the country
  • Represented on the London Trees And Woodland Awards panel
  • Working with ICF and MTOA on the annual National Tree Officers Conference
  • Member of the London Tree partnership
  • Represented on the London area Forestry and Woodland Advisory Committee (FWAC) and the urban FWAC
  • 5th year of Forestry Commission CSP survey
  • Working with the GLA on vacant tree pits in London.
  • Active member of CAVAT steering group

Current LTOA working groups:

  • Public relations for tree officers to better promote what they do
  • Biosecurity – threats to trees from pest and diseases
  • Review of the LTOA Risk Limitation Strategy
  • Planning issues e.g. conditions and validations
  • Visualisations in Urban Forestry
  • Vacant tree pit project
  • Diversity
  • Apprenticeships
  • Review of LTOA Massaria guidance

LTOA seminars, the old quarterly meetings, (most of these papers are posted on the LTOA website under the members only section of the website):

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How to Become a Member

Members can attend, for free, the LTOA meetings which are held four times a year and cover a wide range of tree related matters.

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