LTOA guidance 'Surface Materials Around Trees In Hard Landscapes' - May 2017

Tree specialists, urban designers, planners, landscape architects and highway engineers may have differing priorities and views about which surface materials should be used around trees in hard landscapes. A balance must be struck to ensure that all requirements are properly considered and that a beneficial environment for the tree is created which also meets the requirements of its surroundings. The best material for the tree may not be the best for pedestrians using the footway; priority of function must be considered during material selection. The intention of this document is to demonstrate that a wide range of materials is available; each has its advantages and disadvantages and no single material is right for every scenario.

This document has been developed in association with a range of stakeholders including tree specialists, project managers and highway engineers and is to be used as guidance for anyone involved in the selection of surface materials. Decisions pertaining to the health and wellbeing of trees should be made by the relevant tree specialist, who must be involved and consulted throughout the design process. The final decision as to which material is most appropriate for a given scenario must rest with them, following input from other professionals such as highway engineers, designers or project managers. This document should not be viewed as an alternative to professional arboricultural advice from the relevant tree specialist.

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We would like to thank GreenBlue Urban Ltd for sponsoring the design and layout of this LTOA document.

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