The Oak Processionary (Thaumetopoea processionea)


We provide recommendations for Tree Officers and others who manage trees and woodlands in London, to help them formulate search and treatment plans and to understand the background to this serious pest.

The area affected by OPM is growing steadily and Government funded work is being carried out in order to determine appropriate management options for affected areas and also to understand the impact upon both tree and human health.  The LTOA plays an active role in advising on national policy and decision making processes through membership of the OPM Strategic Advisory Group.

In 2010 the LTOA produced a guidance note which contains information that is useful in understanding how best to treat OPM, this is currently being reviewed in order to reflect developments in approaches towards management, the guidance note can be found here:

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How to Become a Member

Members can attend, for free, the LTOA meetings which are held four times a year and cover a wide range of tree related matters.

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