The LTOA relies on subscriptions from its members and sponsorship to operate. We often look for sponsorship for various projects or information leaflets, seminar lunches and some aspects of the LTOA's work.

Lunch at LTOA seminars is vital for informal exchange of information, a chance for Tree Officers and associate members to talk to each other away from their busy jobs. We look for a lunch sponsor for each LTOA seminar at a cost of £750, but sponsors need to be associate members of the LTOA before they will be considered.

We also look for sponsors for the production of our guidance documents, past examples are Massaria Disease of Plane and Dog Damage to Trees.

The LTOA executive committee have recently been discussing our policy on sponsorship of all our guidance documents. It has been raised that there could be a perceived conflict of interest that could damage the integrity of the document, if people who have been involved in writing the document also sponsor the document.

The LTOA executive committee have therefore taken the decision that people, groups or companies that sit on the working party that develops the document will not be able to sponsor the document the group produces, they will however of course be acknowledged for their input into the development along with all the other working party members, although their company logo will not appear on the document.


How to Become a Member

Members can attend, for free, the LTOA meetings which are held four times a year and cover a wide range of tree related matters.

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