On 24 May 2016 a list of nominations was issued to full members who have 28 days to decide whether they want to endorse and ratify the list of potential Executive Committee members. In order for the elections to be valid we need a minimum of 51% of the full membership to participate; it is therefore really important that you get involved as a full member of the LTOA.

The current Executive Committee members who are seeking re-election are:

Jake Tibbetts (LB Islington)

Richard Edwards (LB Croydon)

Dave Lofthouse (LB Merton)

Gary Meadowcroft (LB Southwark)

Barbara Milne (City of Westminster)

John Parker (Transport for London)

Oliver Stutter (LB Southwark)

Andy Tipping (LB Barnet)

Lawrence Usherwood (LB Brent)

Colleen O’Sullivan (LB Camden)


There are two new candidates seeking election:

Clare Pappalardo (LB Haringey)

Craig Ruddick (LB Richmond)


John Parker and Barbara Milne have been nominated by the Executive Committee as Chair and Vice Chair respectively, and if re-elected to the Executive Committee will be confirmed in those positions.

If all the committee are endorsed and ratified by the full membership we will have a full complement of executive committee members according to the constitution which is 12 people.

How to Become a Member

Members can attend, for free, the LTOA meetings which are held four times a year and cover a wide range of tree related matters.

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