The OPM working party is made up of a contact in most of the London Boroughs, Bill Malin (Contractor), Mark Townsend (Contractor), Dominic Blake (ATS), Richard Trippett (Bartletts), Gillian Jonusas (Royal Parks), Ian Rodger (Royal Parks), Andrew Hoppit (FC) and affected organisations such as Wimbledon Common. This is an ongoing working party to combat OPM.

The PR group is made up of John Parker (TfL), Richard Edwards (Croydon), Howard Booth (TfL), Jane Crowther (Richmond), Lucy Murphy (City of London), Dan Sitch (Merton) and David Humphries (City of London). This is an ongoing working party. The aim is to raise awareness and the profile of the work of tree officers and what the LTOA does.

Risk Limitation Strategy revision group is made up of Peter Osborne (Consultant), Tim Moya (Consultant), Simon Pryce (Consultant), Andy Tipping (Barnet), Dave Lofthouse (Merton), Gary Meadwocroft (Southwark), Jake Tibbetts (Islington), Jim Smith (FC), Michael Sankus (Medway), Richard Edwards (Croydon). The group is revising this strategy especially in light of two recent cases Berent and Robbins.

Planning working party is made up of Chris Overbeke (Consultant), Ian Leonard (Lambeth), Jon Ryan (Islington), Oliver Stutter (Southwark), Peter Osborne (Consultant), Michael Sankus (Medway) Stephen Downing (Enfield). This group is currently looking at validations also tree and landscape conditions to produce a best practice document.

Surface materials around trees in hard landscapes working party is made up of John Parker (TfL), Pat Langley (Wandsworth), Ernst Erasmas (Southwark), Howard Booth (TfL), Chris Suthers (Street Tree), Michael Gargon (Street Tree), Michael Sankus (Medway). The guidance document on the use of various materials which is in its final stages.

Biosecurity working party is made up of Ben Galley (Camden), Jonathan Meares (City of London), Nev Fay (Treework Environmental Practice), Dominic Blake (ATS), Dave Lofthouse (Merton), Jon Banks (Bartlett Tree Lab), Tom Campbell (Hackney), Mark Reed (City Suburban), Keith Sacre and Lisa Sanderson (Arboricultural Association). The group has produced a position statement and is now working with the Tree Council on a toolkit for Chalara.

Human health and trees working party is made up of Andrew Digby (Barnet), Colleen O’Sullivan (Camden), Craig Ruddick (Richmond), Dave Lofthouse (Merton), Richard Barnes (Woodland Trust), Thomas Campbell (Hackney) and Daniel Monk (Three Rivers).  They are pulling together any UK related research on the subject and looking into tree planting and air pollution in London.

Tree Service models working party is made up of Jake Tibbetts (Islington), Al Smith (Camden), Ann Currell (Barnet), Julian Fowgies (Bromley) and Richard Fletcher (Wandsworth). The group is looking at outsourcing in London and the various tree service models in operation across the London Boroughs.

CSP working party is made up of John Parker (TfL), David Humphries (City of London), Colleen O’Sullivan (LB Camden), Gary Meadowcroft (Southwark), Geoff Clack (Islington), Greg Packman (Royal Parks), Matt Steinman (Royal Parks), Richard Edwards (Croydon) and James Canneaux (Croydon). This new group is looking at Plane Wilt.

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